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Be colourful and send a message

4 Comments12 March 2019  |  Charlotte

Colourful labels have been used as a form of identification for over 130 years, given to us from the first commercial american art group known as Lithography.  Although the processes have changed and advanced over the years the end goal is the same and that is to draw attention.

Here at Rapid Address Labels we print and supply eight different shades of colourful labels with a choice of cream, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, lilac and pink in 2 x 1 inches and blue, green, red and yellow in 4 x 2.5 inches.

With eight colours to choose from these labels can be used for a variety of applications whether it be personal or for Business.

Product separation for businesses is a great use for coloured labels.  You can label your products with certain information but also categorize them by colour which helps the labels to stand out and grab attention.  For example you own a Farm Shop and supply a variety of Vegan, Vegetarian and gluten free foods along with your produce; for you, as a Business, it is important to make sure that food products are labeled correctly for health and allergy reasons.  Each product could be printed with it’s ingredients and then colour coded, cream for gluten free, blue for vegetarian etc. to make it visually easier for staff and customers to find the category item they require.

Coloured Return Address Labels can be personalised with the exact text you require and printed on a colour that appeals to you, perfect for a house move to advertise your new address, now nobody will have any excuse to not reply to your correspondence.  Coloured Return address labels could also be used for your business, choosing a colour that directly represents your brand.  They could also be used to display your Business name on various stationery items and products, the colour and the text printed and unique to you.

Get your coloured labels personalised with the exact text you want in black, blue, green or red, with a choice of font.  The simple selection process makes ordering your perfect product quick and easy.  These labels are supplied on a convenient roll of 500 making them perfect for home or office use.