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How do you use yours?

5 February 2014  |  Victoria

So it's February already and it's already turning out to be a pretty impressive year at our end. Whilst the weather has been chilly to say the least this winter, our new printed labels website has definitely been HOT!! With this in mind we have decided to develop a list of the 10 top uses for our printed labels as whilst we may be Rapid Address Labels, our customers are finding creative new ways to use our labels every day!

top ten

1. Sender Labels - Mark all the mail or packages you send with a sender label so even if your item fails to reach its destination, it's much more likely to be returned to you.

2. New Address - Alert all your friends and family of your change of address by sticking a new address label on anything you send to them. Then they have no excuse for not sending Christmas and Birthday cards.

3. Business Name/Website - Promote your business and website by using our labels on any letters/packaging you send. Get yourselves recognised for a fraction of the cost of printed packaging.

4. Sandwich packaging - Differentiate between tuna mayo and cheese and onion by labelling the packaging, perfect for wholesale food and pre-packed food retailers.

5. Event Information - Let people know of an event taking place in your area. Use our labels to display date, time and place and stick them to flyers, leaflets, cards etc.

6. Name Labels - Do you keep losing things in your workplace or do your childs things go walkies at school. Use our labels so you and everyone else knows that those items belong to you and to keep their hands off. Particularly good for food in a shared kitchen.

7. Thank You Labels - Whether you're thanking people for attending your wedding, party or for a gift. Say it with labels by sticking one to placement cards, party bags or next years This years cards and gifts.

8. New Arrival - For the next year let people know all the details of your new arrival including Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth etc. Social Media is fantastic for keeping people updated but this is a much more personal way of keeping people updated and thanking them for their support at such a special time.

9. Contact Information - Whether private or for business use ensure people are up to date with your contact number and email by sticking a label with it printed on to everything you send.

10. Packaging - Do you or your company package identical items on a regular basis? Get your products name printed on one of our labels and make packaging much quicker and simpler.

So these were our top 10 uses for our printed labels. If you have other uses let us know what they are. Have a Fab February.