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Uses of Labels

21 April 2016  |  Victoria

Hey there again!! So in one of my previous blog posts 'A Little Bit of History' I delved into the depths of the past to find out where labels originated from, who invented them and what was the prime purpose for them. Well this time we are bringing it back up to date to find out about the wide uses of labels in present day life.

In most scenarios, labels are used as a tool for information or identification. They are normally attached to a product or the packaging of a product by the manufacturer or retailer to provide information for the user, however they can be regularly used for self use to identify a number of different things.

Labels are found in almost all clothing and textile products to display information, required by law, relating to the fabric, washing guidelines and other information. Often, retailers will include product codes and brand namlabels on boxes on the labels along with where the product was made.

Labels are also used widely for mailing and distribution purposes. Often printed adhesive labels are stuck to letters, parcels and packages to inform of destination, return address, method of posting etc. and can regularly display barcodes and tracking numbers.

Offices and work places will use a variety of labels on a daily basis for identification purposes. From filing to product labelling to staff name labels on lockers, Labels can make life much easier and more efficient by simplifying what is what.

Food labels are also a regular occurence in day to day living. All food being sold in the UK must have labelling of some kind to inform the consumer of the contents, ingredients and nutritional information. This is a legal requirement set by the Government to ensure the quality of food is acceptable.

Another type of labelling is product packaging. Often when a manufacturer or retailer is selling a product, the packaging will have a variety of labels on it, including price, requirements, suitability, safety and details of product manufacture.

Labels are often used for advertising and marketing purposes too. For example if a product has been reduced in price, you will often see a big bright label on the product advertising it to be on 'SALE' or 'BOGOF' offers and even '3 for 2'. Labels will also be stuck to fliers, in booklets and other advertising or promotional literature.

As you can tell there are an incredibly large number of uses for labels in the current way of the world, and the ones i have pinpointed are a mere handful. That's why here at Rapid Address Labels we don't just offer standard address labels. Our self adhesive paper labels can be personalised with whatever text you wish to have, whether it be promotional, informative or social. We can also provide message labels for packaging and PPI labels for anyone with a compatible royal mail account. So why not see how our labels can help YOU?!